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Our Pro and HIFI audio specialists are ready to assist the music enthusiast who is wishing to achieve the highest level of music reproduction in their existing or new construction home environment. The combination of world leading audio technology, acoustic science and cutting edge construction techniques are the only way to make the realization of  this ultimate goal a reality.  

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 We can assist in all areas of audio systems and acoustic design. We are also happy to assist with an evaluation of your listening environment .

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World Class Music Systems

 The Absolute Best in Music Realism    

When your tastes demand the very best in audio reproduction look no further than HD Design Group Fine Audio and Theater.

We have  spent the past several years searching out the finest producers of high end audio equipment from around the world. The end result is the finest mix of Specialty Audio Products available at all price points offered. Our technology partners have been chosen on several key traits that we hold dear. Most important is the systems ability to communicate as close as possible the sound of the live music event. To us the sound of music is not about the flashy gear and its ability to make noise. Its about the recreation of that stirring emotion, that comes with the experience of being there! the presentation of an amazing musical performance and the ability of your system design to create those goosebump moments. A system of carefully selected instruments when properly matched together can transport us to a special place or time in our past. A place were we are not bothered by all the distractions that assault us daily. A musical experience we can share with family and friends for years to come. Give us a call and lets discuss how we can assist in getting you closer to your favorite performance.  

The Award Winning Edena Evolution $11,995 Designed by World Renowned Speaker Designer Christian Yvon he was involved with rather ambitious projects for Goldmund in the field of loudspeaker design.