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World Class Audio Rooms & Systems

The Absolute Best in Music Realism

When your tastes demand the very best in audio reproduction we have the experience in physical acoustics, construction practices, interior design, electrical and state of the art technology to bring the thrill of the live music experience home. Call or email us for an appointment to discuss how close we can take you to that very special musical performance you would like to bring home to experience and share with family and friends for years to come.

HD Design Group specializes in custom Home Audio Room design, high-end audio loudspeakers, specialty audio equipment and offers the best in loudspeaker technology and design / build services in Denver, Colorado.

Custom Designed Rooms and Acoustics

HD Design Group are Custom Design / Build Experts. We offer high end audio design services which include everything from high-end speakers, amplifiers, control interfaces, room design, acoustic modifications, architecture and much more. With over 20 years of custom audio room design we have uncovered the absolute best equipment available that provides the best value and superior listening quality you deserve. Our team of experts can design an audio system that will be far superior than what you can buy from the run-of-the-mill big box stores.

 When you’re ready for the best quality in an in-home audio room and listening experience, we invite you to contact us and discover how we can help you design an incredible listening room and select the best sounding audio gear and equipment that fits your unique listening needs.

Call HD Design Group and discuss your home audio project or set up an appointment at our Denver Showroom with one of our expert consultants and see how we can help you!
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