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Our company is located in Holden, Massachusetts, USA.

About Vinnie Rossi

For the past 15 years, Vinnie Rossi (initially forming Red Wine Audio in 2004) has established an enviable reputation for unique audio circuit designs, top quality hand-built production in the USA and sterling customer service.

Professional writers and end-users alike have reviewed his creations in print and online only to overlap by extolling their exceptional performance, superior value and considerate options that allow customers to buy what they need rather than face fully loaded production builds by default.


 Award Winning L2i Integrated Amplifier Includes the ability to add state of the art DAC and Phono Modules. Come and explore the many unique features of this musical masterpice & most importantly the incredible end result! 

Base Price $12,995



 L2i Integrated Amplifier back shows locations for Phono and DAC module options price $3,500 each.


Fast-forwarding to the second half of 2018,

Vinnie Rossi introduced his finest components to date, the L2 Signature Preamplifier and Monoblocks. By mid-2019, multiple L2 reviews confirmed that now the brand had begun to favorably compete against esoteric ‘cost-no-object’ challengers from all around the globe, yet still maintains its forward-thinking high-value roots. One reviewer even asked why none of the larger and more established tube electronics manufacturers had not managed to design such an uncompromising and purist design as the direct-heated triode 

L2 Signature Preamplifier.For Vinnie Rossi, approaching premium two-channel audio design from a fresh perspective is at the core of his ethos. In an industry flooded with the same old design topologies that have been circulating around for decades, he chooses to demonstrate his genuine passion for his craft with a new dimension of innovation you won’t find anywhere else. Learn More.